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Description of Bhabhi Card GameThis is the official Bhabhi Card Game release from http://www.bhabhi.orgNow with a new gr

Description of Bhabhi Card Game

This is the official Bhabhi Card Game release from

Now with a new graphics, artificial intelligence, difficulty control and speed control !!

Bhabhi is a card game played by millions worldwide. It is very popular in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh), the Middle East and the rest of Asia but played everywhere in the world.


– Entire deck to all players starting at last winner or himself if it is the first game or person to his right if dealer not playing.
– Players look at their cards and pile only.
– Player with the Ace of Spades starts the game by putting in pile (done automatically).
– Players go clockwise placing a card of same suite. If a player does not have a card matching the play suite, they may throw in any card at their turn, and player with the highest card of the original suite must then pick up and become new dealer. Play resumes with new dealer throwing in any card. IMPORTANT: You cannot lie! TIP: You can get rid of your high cards here for strategy!
– Play continues until all players have placed a card in the middle, then the cards in the middle are placed aside and the player that had thrown the highest card will now be dealer and deal any card.
– Once a player is rid of all their cards, they stop playing. Exception: If you run out of cards, and you're the dealer at the end, you must pick up from the pile.
– The last player to still have cards is referred to as "Bhabhi."

How to Play:

Just select a card from your pile when it's your turn. You can also use the select box or use the 'Random' button to throw a random card. Use the 'Next Move' button when it's a computer's turn.


Bhabhi is known just as Bhabhi, but the name is often misspelled. Common misspellings include: pabhi, phabhi, phabi, pabi, babhi, babi, and bhabi. The misspelling is due to the nature of Punjabi (Sanskrit) or Hindi writing, but I have it on good authority that the correct spelling is "Bhabhi."

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