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Description of 500 card gameObjectiveThe 500 is a game of tricks with Trump, which is played 4 players, in team of 2. Th

Description of 500 card game


The 500 is a game of tricks with Trump, which is played 4 players, in team of 2. The partners sat one opposite the other. One uses 46 cards (either: two joker and the ACE to the Four). The play is played in four stages, that is to say: gives cards, bidding, take the kitty and play the cards.


Deal, bidding and play proceed clockwise. The first dealer is chosen at random, and the turn to deal rotates clockwise after each hand. The cards are shuffled and cut and the dealer deals 10 cards to each player and six face down in the middle of the table to form the kitty. The cards are usually dealt as follows: a batch of 3 to each player; two to the kitty; 4 to each player; two to the kitty; 3 to each player; two to the kitty.


The bidding begins with the player to dealer's left and continues clockwise. The possible bids are:
1. a number of tricks (minimum six) and a trump suit – for example a bid of "eight diamonds" undertakes that the bidder, with partner's help, will try to win at least eight tricks with diamonds as trumps;
2. a number (minimum six) of "No Trumps", (also known as "No-ies") offering to win at least that number of tricks without a trump suit;
3. a game a trump suit or "No Trumps",

A player who does not wish to bid can pass. If all four players pass the cards are thrown in.

Once someone has bid, each subsequent bid must be higher than the previous one. Higher means either more tricks, or the same number of tricks in a higher suit. For this purpose No trumps are highest, followed by Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades (lowest). Thus the lowest possible bid is Six Spades and the highest is Ten No Trumps.

Scoring each bidding :
Nb tricks 6 7 8 9 10 Game
Spades 40 140 240 340 440 1000
Clubs 60 160 260 360 460 1000
Diamonds 80 180 280 380 480 1000
Hearts 100 200 300 400 500 1000
No Trump 120 220 320 420 520 1000

If the 4 players pass or the maximum bidding remains lower than 8, the cards are collected and distributed by the player having started to bidding.

Take of kitty

The contractor begins by picking up the six cards of the kitty (without showing them to the other players), and discarding any 6 cards face down in their place. The cards discarded can include cards which were picked up from the kitty.

Play of card

The trump is determined by the kind of the strongest bidding. The player having made strongest bidding starts to play.

He is obligatory to provide to the kind of the first played card. If a player does not have a card of the kind requested, it plays the card that it wants (Trump or not). Both Joker and the Small Jack are always regarded as being same kind of Trump.

The player who gained the trick is that which starts to play the following turn.

The order of the cards is as follows: (If the trump is Spades)
White Joker
Color Joker
Jack Spade (Jack Big)
Jack Club (Jack Small)
Ace Spade
King Spade
Queen Spade
ten Spade

four Spade

The other cards in Heart, Diamonds and Clubs are in the following order:
Ace Heart
King Heart
Queen Heart
Jack Heart
ten Heart

four Heart

Note: if Trump is Clubs the Small Jack is the Jack of Spades
if Trump is Hearts the Small Jack is the Jack of Diamonds
if Trump is Diamonds the Small Jack is the Jack of Hearts

In No Trump, the Jokers are regarded as of Trumps, and gains the trick where they are played, though it arrives.

Calculate score

To gain our bidding, it is necessary to collect the same number of trick as one bidding. (Example: bidding 8 Spades, it is necessary to gain 8 tricks). If the attack team gains her bidding, it marks the number of corresponding points. If it loses its bidding then it is the other team which marks the number of corresponding points.

The winner is the first team to reach 1000 points. When the game is bidding, it is necessary to gain the 10 tricks and it is the game which one gains or loses according to the result.

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