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Ludo is a strategy board game for 2 to 4 players in which the players race the refore tokens from start to finish accord

Ludo is a strategy board game for 2 to 4 players in which the players race the refore tokens from start to finish according to the roles of a single die Ludo consists of a square board with four different colored bases in each corner the first colored square outside of each base is the starting position a path leads clockwise around the board returning to a path the same color asthe bank’s the home color leading to the center home triangle what do you need to play the Ludo game a Ludo game board four sets of color tokens green yellow red and blue and one six-sided die let’s start the game to two floor players begin by placing their four tokens in their starting basis each player chooses one of the four colors now place all four tokens of that color in the starting base each player takes turns throwing the dime the player with a heist role plays first the players to the left follow in turn going clockwise on each player’s turn the player rolls the die to determine how many squares they will move the number on the rolled dime will determine the number of squares the chosen token moves forward the goal of the game is to move all for the players tokens clockwise once around the board up the home column and into the home triangle to begin a player must roll a six to move a token out of the banks and onto the starting square that’s Hogan is then in play if a player does not roll a six the turn passes to the next player the player cannot make any moves until at least one token is in play
once a player has one or more tokens in play he selects a token and moves it forward along the track the number of squares indicated by the dime players must always move a token according to the value role passes are not allowed if no move is possible the turn moves to the next player rules of the sixes when a six is rolled the player may choose to advance a token already in play or may enter another stage token to its starting square rolling a six earns the player in additional or bonus role in that turn if the bonus roll results in a six again the player earns an additional bonus roll if his six is rolled three times in a row that player loses his turn the turn immediately passes to the next
player landing on a shared square if a players token lands on an opponent’s token the opponent’s token will set back to their base where he must roll a six again in order to move out onto the starting square if the player does not roll a six the turn passes to the next player if a player captures the piece of another player they are awarded a bonus roll if in the bonus roll another players piece is captured another bonus roll is awarded and so on if a player lands on a square occupied by one of his own token that space becomes blocked a blocked square cannot be passed doubled pieces may move half the number if an even number is thrown . all four starting square are also a safe square for all players these squares are usually marked with a star if any of your token is on a safe Square opponents tokens can’t send your token back to your base if their token lands on your token how to win the game a player cannot move their first piece into the home column unless they have captured at least one piece of any of the opponent’s when a player’s piece has reached the home column of its own color the piece continues its moves towards the center to its home triangle when a player’s tyrol lands its piece on the home base that piece has completed its journey a piece can only be moved to its home base with the exact role for example if you roll a 5 in your token requires to move only 3 squares you have to move another token or pass their first player to move all his tokens to the finishing square wins the game the remaining players continue to play to determine 2nd 3rd and 4th place finishers

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