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Sport and Health is the first App that allows you to produce a truly individualised exercise programme.We believe that a

Sport and Health is the first App that allows you to produce a truly individualised exercise programme.
We believe that any exercise programme can only be truly effective if it works around your specific needs, time, goals and starting points. Our Medical, Health, Scientific, Sports and Technical Professionals have developed a unique algorithm that develops your perfect exercise programme.
We have spent 5 years developing exercise regimes for any ability, gender or age. This will even restrict you to safe exercises if you are pregnant or given birth within the last 6 months.
The main aim is to develop long-term health for our users. Our App allows you to develop a proper base and a balanced body. You won’t just get fit – you will also prevent long-term injury as well as to rehab from current injuries. As you get fitter, you can adjust your ‘Fitness Profile’ to increase your training level. You can:
•Build your base layer of fitness first
•Align your body to prevent long-term injury
•Start at the appropriate level
•Rapidly improve your fitness without over-straining the body, preventing breaks down
This app is different to other fitness and exercise apps. It doesn’t just set a general programme around the days and times you want to train. It actually looks at all of your circumstances within your own ‘Fitness Profile’.
Firstly, you choose your Fitness Target Objectives. You will be given 10 categories to choose from and use the sliders to select how important each of these are:
•Weight Loss
The App will also allow you to select the following:
•Days you would like to train on
•How long you would like to train each day
•Whether you want to use equipment on any given day
•Which equipment you have available
•Areas of the body you would like to focus on
•Areas of the body where you have an injury
Your Workout
View your workout for each session which will be specific to what you requested that day. When you hit ‘Begin Workout’ – you will then be taken to each individual exercise.
Individual Exercise Page
You can change the difficulty level an individual exercise by using our ‘up’ or ‘down’ buttons which will increase or decrease the difficulty. Each exercise will show you which areas of the body this exercise will focus on. It will have a set number of reps and weight limit (if you are using equipment), for your current level. You can also get the correct amount of rest with a countdown timer to the next exercise.
Each individual exercise will have videos showing exactly how to do each exercise, including:
•A short introduction to each exercise
•Three learning points for each exercise
•A timeline on each exercise video allowing you to navigate with ease
•A recap of all learning points at the end of each video
•A front and side on view of each exercise
Special Cardio Section
If you want to incorporate cardio work with your exercises – our algorithm will put that in, whether you run, swim or cycle.
Progression Photobook
Keep your own photo album within the App where you can store pictures of different parts of your body to measure your progress. You can either keep this private or share your progress with your friends or on social media.
Activity Tracker
Track how many workouts you have completed from your fitness programme and look back at what you have done over past months.
Use for Free
Unlike other fitness Apps, you can use Sport and Health for free from the start. You will be able to create and use your individualised exercise programme and view up to 100 exercise videos.
Premium users can use the App with no adverts and with unlimited viewing for the exercise videos.
For Terms and Conditions, visit:
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