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THE GAME OF LIFE 2 v0.3.2 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Description:If you participate in The Game of Life 2, you will once again be created a virtual life as you have dreamed.


If you participate in The Game of Life 2, you will once again be created a virtual life as you have dreamed. Do you love being an electrical engineer or a fashion designer? Do you love to live a free life and fulfill your daily passions and interests? The second edition of this game series is the ideal environment to make your dream come true. Put all worries aside to relax with your friends and family in a colorful world.

playing style
Most of the life simulation games are developed on the basis of 3D graphics with realistic role-playing. Express the same content, but The Game of Life 2 goes in a different direction, in a board format, with random moves. This means that not all options are available. You have to take it on yourself, because every action and every step is indicated with a magical spin through the board.

First, players are taken to the fashion capital with thousands of different costumes and accessories. They are the basis for creating a perfect player with your own signature and color. You can choose from many different colors, from pink, blue, … to designs suitable for different important events.

This is your chance to unleash your creativity and design to become a stylist yourself. Immerse yourself in the eye-catching, colorful space and enjoy the pleasure of living in velvet like a queen in the castle itself. In addition, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 celebrates its 1st anniversary with great success and has brought many attractive gifts to players at a special party. To impress the guests at the party, you will receive two beautiful outfits for free.

Your independent life will certainly bring many surprises at first, but it is mainly free and completely stress-free for you. From here, decisions, big or small, are conceived and made by you without consulting anyone. You may decide to marry someone who is going out for a while, go to college to get a degree, and prepare for a job to make money later,…

Not only that, you can also become anyone you always want to conquer. The game is always ready for your ambitions, be it entertainment industry star, veterinarian or midwife etc. Not only that, you also own blocks in your hands. Dream properties like a big and magnificent house like an imperial castle, adorable cats or even a few naughty children living and taking care of them….

Currently, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 offers you two game modes that are ideal and suitable for most audiences. The first, in particular, is the single player mode where you live alone in this particular world and interact with artificial intelligence characters. It will capture every player’s mind through your moves and decisions to face extremely difficult challenges.


* New rules for the spinner
It seems that the spinner is becoming more versatile after adding several small rules. Usually, the spinner is used to determine the steps players can take forward. In this version, however, the spinner has some exciting add-ons. More specifically, you are given a number that is used to attach a star to the spinner. So when your friends return to the box, they have to pay you money as a fee to continue.

* Various game modes
The game also features the much-anticipated and unique multiplayer mode. Specifically, there are four main ways to play, including online multiplayer, pass and play, multiplayer with friends, or pass and play. Joining the online mode will pair you up with some other players and play in entirely new ways. Do you dare to participate in the games and against the other online components in The Game of Life 2?

* More diverse options
Compared to the previous version, The Game of Life 2 has further improved by integrating the features of both versions. In the first version, players cannot choose to become a vlogger. But now they have time to make videos and then share them with many viewers. In order to become a vlogger, the character you choose must possess a few essential elements. Besides, becoming a lawyer is also a good option for those who don’t want to be a vlogger. Players can also customize their characters in a few new ways. For example, the game developer adds some pen colors in addition to many outfit options. This allows players to create characters that make them feel more like their true personalities.

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